Innovative Mobile and Desktop Worldwide Advertising Network

How it works?

Please note: 
100 US$ or 100 EURO daily;




Make a request to place your ad in our mobile or desktop

traffic set

(more than

3 millions of web-sites and mobile applications worldwide).

Network's Staff will check the possibility to run your Campaign on the date specified in request.

If it's possible, the Staff member will send you an official Contract/IO or Invoice to pay.

Afterwards, you will send us the graphical banners (approved by IAB) and we're ready to send the banners for approval.

We provide the following

Ad Formats

(Mobile or Desktop) for our Clients:

PopUnder, PopUp, Push Notifications, Native Ads.

If your Advertising is compliant with our

Terms of Services,

than we will Approve it and begin the Campaign.

After this, you can check the statistics after

1 hour of Campaign's launch. We recommend to use the URL Shorteners or Trackers, to check the global data.